This section only applies if you have the Autotask plugin.

To sync a document into Autotask, the document must have the status of Accepted. When it has this status, if you selected to not create an Autotask opportunity when using the new document wizard, the Sync Opportunity button appears in the top right of the view opportunity page:

If you selected to create a new opportunity or link to an existing one, the Create Autotask Quote Items button appears:

Sync Opportunity

First, map what details you want set as the opportunity in Autotask. On the left is the information from ZenContract; the right is the detail in Autotask:

To match the service items in the document, ZenContract needs to retrieve all the service items from Autotask.  Depending on how many service items you have in Autotask, this process may take some time to complete:

The process continues on the same as the Create Autotask Quote Items below.

Create Autotask Quote Items

On the left will be your service items as they are in ZenContract, on the right are the service items from Autotask. Any service items that can be matched are done so initially.

If there isn't a match, click the drop down to add a new service item, labor item or contract setup fee:

Click Review Sync Information to proceed to the next step.

The Review Document Information screen allows you to do a final check before the opportunity is created in Autotask. Untick the Upload Approved Document to Autotask if you don't want a signed PDF uploaded as an attachment against the opportunity.

Click Sync to Autotask to complete the process.