Finance rules can be setup so that if a document is outside the business’ normal rules, sign off by a higher group (such as managers or the business owner) can be required.

The rules are applied in an order, and you can specify this order at the top of the finance sign off rules page - whether the rules are ordered by the total cost or by profitability.

You can have multiple finance rules.

Creating a finance rule

A finance rule can a name and description.

The rule can be triggered based on the profit in the document (less than or equal to a particular % of the total) and if the total is greater than or equal to a figure.

For example, if the profit in a deal is less than 5% the rule can be triggered.  Likewise, if the total of the deal is over $50k, the rule can be triggered.  This is to prevent users from sending out documents for deals that may be outside the norm for the business.

The rules can be assigned to a template or all the templates in a category, as well as to a particular user or a group of users.

The last option is who has the authority to sign off this rule.  This is either a user or a group of users.

If a group of users is selected the user creating the document that requires the document to be signed off will have the option to select a person from that group to send the document to for sign off.