Users and Groups

New users can be invited into your ZenContract by clicking the invite new user button.  When setting them you, you can specify what group they belong to.  A user can only belong to one group.


The permissions for a user are set based on what group they belong to.  The following options can be set when creating a new group:

  • Is the group active
  • Is the group an administrator or not - if a group is an administrator, they can see all other users and options for the company.
  • Edit templates & pages - can the users in this group modify all the templates and pages
  • Is a branding sign off group (admins only) - does this group have the authority to sign off documents if  a template has branding rules
  • Branding sign off required - does the group always require sign off before sending out documents (template must have the branding rule set to Always)