The admin section is where you can setup the different options related to your organisation.


This is your name, website, currency, timezone, theme, and address for your company.

SMTP settings

To make sure the documents that are emailed out adhere to your domain name’s SPF records, you can specify ZenContract to use your own SMTP server.  If we are unable to communicate with your SMTP server, ZenContract will fall back to using it’s own SMTP server.

Tax regions

You can specify your tax regions, and the components that make up each region.

White label

White label enables you to embed the sign off page your customers see inside your own website.  You can upload an HTML page which customers will see when approving a document.

My creditcard details

Change the credit card details we save on file for your account, with our secure payment processor eWay.

Default branding

Specify the default font family and size for all your pages and templates.