The dashboard gives you a complete overview of all the documents you are working on and what stage they are at. You can also view this through the Documents link in the menu - Documents > View.

The statuses shown are:

  • All - this is count of all the documents regardless of status
  • Draft - these are documents that you are still working on
  • Ready to send - documents that you’ve completed but haven’t yet been sent
  • Sent - documents that have been sent to your clients
  • Accepted - documents that your clients have signed off
  • Needs approval - documents that have triggered the design or financial sign off rules and need to be signed off by another user.

Clicking on any of the status will take you to those documents.

My messages is a list of the messages you’ve received from clients asking questions when they are reviewing one of your documents.

Clicking your company name in the top left will return you to the dashboard from any other page within ZenContract.